North Wales Cancer Research Challenge


On the weekend of Friday, 23rd – Sunday, 25th June, Rachael from Heart Drive and Oli from Heart Breakfast, along with 10 team members headed over to Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland to take part in Challenge the Wild for North West Cancer Research!

Team Rachael and Team Oli faced their fears over the weekend, taking part in activities including rock scrambling, abseiling, cliff jumping, trekking in the dark and exploring tunnels and caves... as well as tucking into bugs in the eating challenge!

Team Rachael were crowned the first Heart Challenge the Wild Champions… but both teams are true winners! Incredibly they’ve raised more than £11,000 for North West Cancer Research to date, smashing their £10,000 fundraising targets.

Here are the 10 Challengers who competed as Team Rachael & Team Oli!

Team Rachael Team Rachael
Team Oli Team Oli
  • Name: Mark Haig
    Age: 57
    Reason for taking the Challenge:
    I want to raise the profile of the fantastic research that is being undertaken by North West Cancer Research. I also want to show what can be achieved by somebody living beyond cancer and contribute to funds raised.
  • Name: Emma Scowen
    Age: 33
    Reason for taking the Challenge:
    I lost my Dad four years ago to Colon Cancer and my Uncle was lucky enough to make a full recovery. I want to take part as it would be a challenge for me, I've never done anything like this before, and I’m happy to give anything a try!
  • Name: Stuart Austin
    Age: 32
    Reason for taking the Challenge:
    I decided to take on this Challenge to raise money for North West Cancer Research. I have recently lost my Mother-in-Law to Cancer and have seen the effects Cancer has on families. I'm looking forward to pushing myself out of my comfort zone and raise money for such a worthwhile cause.
  • Name: Mark Potter
    Age: 37
    Reason for taking the Challenge:
    My Mother-in-law died of bowel cancer and I have seen friends go through the pain of watching their loved ones go through the ordeal. It’s such a worthy cause, anything that helps raise awareness and money towards the fight against Cancer is worth doing.
  • Name: Claire Gordon
    Age: 36
    Reason for taking the Challenge:
    I have done a few charity events for Cancer Research since my Mum got diagnosed with Cancer, from skydiving to a boxing match. Mum was so well looked after when she was ill and has now made a complete recovery. I like to do my bit to help others in the same situation now.
  • Name: Amy Jennens
    Age: 32
    Reason for taking the Challenge:
    I lost my Mother to breast cancer in April 2015, she was 54 and had so much energy and love to give. Since losing my Mother I have a new attitude towards life, you shouldn't let anything stand in your way. Make memories, have fun and help others. This Challenge is my opportunity to make a difference and raise money.
  • Name: Richard Brookes
    Age: 47
    Reason for taking the Challenge:
    I’ve had family members and friends that have been affected by Cancer and I would love the opportunity to raise money to help research to improve treatment for future sufferers. I'm a retained firefighter in Porthmadog and I just love a challenge!
  • Name: Corey Langford
    Age: 21
    Reason for taking the Challenge:
    I have been a huge fan of both Bear Grylls and Ray Mears for as long as I can remember! I also love the idea of being self-sufficient and would challenge and push myself to reach targets. The Challenge is the opportunity of a lifetime for me and I can’t wait to take part!
  • Name: Kayleigh Griffiths
    Age: 28
    Reason for taking the Challenge:
    After losing two grandparents to Cancer, a very close friend of the family has recently lost their battle with Cancer too. I hope that one day we can find a cure. I work in a nursing home and have cared for people who have had Cancer so I have seen first-hand what it does/how it effects people and their family member
  • Name: Fiona Bassett
    Age: 41
    Reason for taking the Challenge:
    Everyone is affected by Cancer at some point in their lives, either directly or indirectly. I've had personal experiences with this horrible disease when my Grandpa died 5 years ago of lung Cancer. I watched him deteriorate in front of me, it was horrific. This challenge is fantastic for me, as it is facing all of my fears, even sleeping in a tent is horrible in my eyes!

Team Rachael and Team Oli took part in Challenge the Wild for North West Cancer Research, who are the biggest funders of cancer research in North Wales. North West Cancer Research fund world-class research into several types of cancers at the North West Cancer Research Institute at Bangor University and are committed to stopping cancer sooner in North Wales.

About North West Cancer Research

North West Cancer Research is the biggest funder of cancer research in North Wales. It is an independent cancer research charity which fights the toughest cancers in North Wales and North West England. The belief is that by working together with researchers fundraisers and supporters, they can save more lives sooner.

North West Cancer Research support only the best local medical research to stop cancer sooner. The promise is simple, they only support the best medical research, to put a stop to cancer.

One in two of us will be touched by cancer and all of us can help stop cancer sooner by supporting world-class medical research funded by North West Cancer Research.

Your support gives North West Cancer Research the chance to fight difficult-to-treat cancers, often overlooked by other charities and medical researchers. They target the toughest cancers and with your help, can save lives sooner.

North West Cancer Research improve personalised cancer treatment locally to help create a healthier future for the next generation and are committed to spending half a million pounds on cancer research in North Wales over the next two years.